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Khronicles of a Dreamer: Entry #2 - I've Been Busy

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

What's up Dreamers?! January has been a busy month and as promised in my last blog post I am keeping you in the know about what's been going on in my Dream Chase. Two weeks ago I started a weekly series where I write songs in the car to and from Vallejo about topics suggested by you! I asked on Tik Tok and Instagram what topics I should write to and got a LOT of great ideas. The first topic was writing about a guy who ghosts you and then tries to slide in your DM's months or years later. I thought that was a great topic and I ended up writing a song called Blew It. I wrote and recorded the song the same day and posted the video the next day. I wrote half of the song. Do you think I should finish it? I got a lot of love on it and a lot of people said I should. Here is the video for Blew It. Let me know if you think I should finish it!

The next topic I decided to write about was True Love. I honestly don't feel like I know anything about "true love" and that's what I wrote about. The song is actually called True Love. This was probably the most creative video I've ever made because there are actually two of me in the same shot. I was really proud and impressed with myself haha! This song got the most views that an original song has ever gotten on my IG, which is super exciting! Do you think I should finish and release it? Here's the video:

This week's topic came from someone on Tik Tok. It was about a controlling, narcissistic cheating significant other. I decided to write a song called Gone and basically the concept is that I'm GONE and leaving this relationship. For this video I decided to be brave and record out in public. I was really nervous about it and documented the behind the scenes process. I'm so glad I was brave enough to do it because someone even asked me to perform at their event next month! The video actually turned out good! I'll let you check it out below. Do you think I should finish it? This song got the most engagement an original song has ever gotten for me on Tik Tok. Lots of people seem to be able to relate to this. Check it out:

Well that's pretty much January in review. I definitely want to finish all three songs and eventually release them at some point. Gone seems to be the most popular one so I may release that one as my first single of 2023. I'll keep you posted.

As always, thanks so much for coming along my Dream Chase. I hope that in some way you are inspired to chase your own dreams! Until I see you on the next post, keep dreaming with your eyes wide open!

xoxo Shari


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