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I Wrote an Original Song - Break Free

I am so excited to be finally writing a post about original music that I have created. I haven't had as much time, well let me rephrase that, I haven't put as much time into creating original music as I have wanted to over the past few years. My focus has been teaching and providing for my son. An additional layer has been a struggle with something that I now know is called Cyclothymia, which is a mild form of bi-polar disorder. I have moods that go up and down and have mostly been down, which has prevented me from being able to be creative. Luckily I am receiving treatment for this and I am now on an amazing roll of creative output.

This song is called Break Free (download it here) and was written last year in July. It is about how I have to break free from things that hold me back and chase my dream. In the song a lyric says "sometimes I just feel like I can touch the sky, and sometimes all I want to do is run and hide". This is what it feels like to have cyclothymia. It all makes sense now.

Anyway, this is the first video I've put out in almost a year on YouTube of me singing! It's super exciting and I have so much more good stuff in the works that I am excited to share with you. Thank you for following along in my dream chase and I hope this inspires you to keep dreaming with your eyes wide open!

xo Shari


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