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My Latest Original Song - Gateway Drug

I'm super excited to share my latest original song with you! I wrote this song last year and recorded the video at the end of February before all of the Coronavirus craziness. One of my favorite things to do is dance in the mirror and this song makes me want to do that! I hope that it uplifts you and makes you want to dance, too!

This is the first half of the song. To download the free song, click here to sign up for my mailing list and I will send it to you! This song was produced by Monet Source and I got the music from for FREE. I'll share a blog post next week on how to get free beats in case you're not in a position right now to invest in your music.

Well I hope you enjoy the video!

Thank you for following along in my dream chase and I hope this inspires you to keep dreaming with your eyes wide open!

xo Shari


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