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Recording Hip Hopera Vocals: Cry For A Queen

Hey! I hope your new year is off to a happy start! (Well as happy as it can be) I'm releasing my latest single, Cry For a Queen next Friday and I wanted to share a sneak peak of me recording the opera vocals for the song. The song is about a girl who doesn't know she's beautiful and I'm crying out for her. Honestly it has a lot to do with the way I have felt about myself in the past. In this video I am singing the words "Piango per te mia, belissima regina" which means "I cry for you my beautiful queen". This song is about knowing that you are beautiful and worthy even when you can't see or feel that you are. I hope you enjoy checking out the behind the scenes footage and I'm looking forward to sharing the full song next week! Until next time, keep dreaming with your eyes wide open!

xoxo Shari


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